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Greenix gets Blasted, literally...

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SIP Supply, LLC was selected to supply modular training houses after finding that our Greenix Panels could hold up to a C4 military blast.  greenix_panel_blast_test  

Greenix® structural polyurethane insulated panels could withstood a four pound C4 explosive charge.  C-4 is often used in demolition charges primarily in breaching obstacles or demolition of large structures where large charges are required.  The test was conducted at a training facility in Quantico, Virginia and the Greenix SIP remained intact with only partial damage, and the panel was not breached. 

SIP Supply was given the task of producing a panel for its client that would be used in military-style training exercises.   They were looking for a product that could hold up under extreme conditions such as explosive blasts and a barrage of bullets.  Greenix Panels were selected due to the ease of assembly and nature of the SIP’s structural integrity, yet the results were still unanticipated.

Read the Press Release:   Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panel withstands C4 Explosive Blast





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