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Why does Green Affordable Housing matter to you?

For policy and decision makers, community acceptance and quality of affordable housing are critical issues. Well designed housing meeting multiple goals of energy efficiency, health, durability and low environmental impact can contribute to community acceptance and perceived quality of affordable housing. In addition, lower operating and maintenance costs will make single-family houses more affordable in the long run leading to more stable, owner-occupied communities.

Green Affordable Housing has a number of financial benefits to the community as well. The ability to optimize first cost and long term operating costs will lead to the best investments for communities and public agencies. Where public agencies partner with rental property owners to develop affordable multifamily housing, lower operating and maintenance costs protect public investments. In addition, sustainable design strategies can assist local governments in reducing costs for street, water and sewer infrastructure as well as waste removal and landfill costs.


What's Trending

With natural disasters on the rise yearly, our most popular products today are our Greenix Emergency Shelters.

Designed to withstand wind, fire and military-style conditions, our shelters are an affordable solution for one or many.  With our volume production capabilities,  we are the ideal choice for city-wide disaster recovery or preparedness programs.. 

Download the Free Greenix Emergency Shelter Info Packet.