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Comments & Suggestions

We want to hear from you.  Did you receive exceptional service, good advice? Do you have a suggestion on how we can better serve you?  Please let us know.  Submit your comments below.

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#8 2010-12-28 23:06
i am very interested in purchasing 1 of your shelters for military use. I would plan on placing it on a flat bed trailer and traveling the central midwest area in hopes of making the use of sip panels and green building practices a guide to america's social conscioness towards weening ourselves off big oil. I ask for nothing in return from the manufacture other than the purchase of the building. any/all advertisement would be done on my dime and only with express permission from the manufacture. thanks for our reply. I will also ask for custom quote of materials to build it myself. thanks, great site!
#7 2010-04-11 19:38
I chatted with Darrel on a Sunday (yes he answered his phone). I learned all I needed to know to move my idea of building a sip's house in Florida off first base. I have been looking and sending emails around to try and figure out the hows and places that might be a sourse of sip tech. i am glad I found one local(Atlanta) has all I need.
#6 Robert Atkinson 2010-03-02 13:46
The team at Commercial SIPS has repeatedly provided timely and professional cost breakdowns for a variety of potential projects. The efficiency and professionalism of the team makes Commercial SIPS the first choice among suppliers. Their attention to detail ensures that the customer is equipped with the information necessary to proceed on a project with confidence.
#5 Terry J Twibill 2010-02-27 02:35
fast and efficient replies from Darrel so thank you from
Nairobi, Kenya
#4 2010-02-26 06:36
We have only been working with the team at Commercial SIPs for a few months and we have found their service and responsiveness to be exceptional. Despite numerous different project requests for quotes, we have always received detailed replies within a very timely manner. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the team at Commercial SIPs.
#3 2010-02-26 02:38
Thanks for replying to my E Mail on 25th of Feb.
#2 2010-02-25 21:10
I have been speaking with Darrell for about 30 days about our project and have a meeting for him to visit with us on Monday and hope all our issues can be resolved and can move forward on our project.
#1 2010-02-25 16:45
The SIP Supply Commercial Services team was very responsive to my inquiry regarding stucco coatings on panels. We continue to explore a variety of suitable options for mineral coatings lines I represent.

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